My favourite human origins resources

Did Neanderthals Have Language? – A paper that discusses the philosophical and biological basis for human language, and the application of this theory to the possible presence or absence of Neanderthal language capability.(1999)

The Path to a Scientific Archaeology – A paper that discusses the various philosophical viewpoints as applied to the interpretation of the archaeological record, and applies these comparisons to the question of whether or not archaeology is, can be or should be, scientific.(1998)

Three-Stage Timing Sequence at FLK 22 – A paper that discusses the archaeofauna of the FLK 22 “Zinjanthropus” strata from the site of Olduvai Gorge. This paper examines several experimental data sets on carnivore and hominid tooth and tool mark frequencies and uses this comparison to interpret the FLK 22 archaeofauna. (1999)

Human Thermoregulation and Hair Loss – A paper that examines the thermoregulatory mechanisms of modern humans and their evolution. The paper focuses on the reduction of body hair and sweating, and briefly examines some of the theories that are always thrown out as hypotheses for why these features evolved in modern humans. (2001)

Modern Human Origins in a Historical Perspective – A paper that takes a look at the Out of Africa versus Multiregional debate from a historical perspective. A real interesting topic that I hope to update later, as the last section on genetics is a bit weak due to me trying to finish the paper for a deadline. Definitely take a look at it. (2000)

The Concept of Human Races: Uses and Problems – A paper that discusses the use and abuse of the race concept among human ethnic groups, and looks at the validity (or lack thereof) of the human race from a biological, cultural, and sociological viewpoint. (1999)